Why wear Tragur?

We climb, just like you


We know what climbers need from their clothing. 

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Better Fabric


Fabrics that are tough, allow a full range of motion, & are comfortable

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Better Design


Features that matter to climbers

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Tragur is Different and better


How is Tragur Different?

TRAGUR designs Rock Climbing Clothing & nothing else.  Whether you are indoor rock climbing or headed to the crag: The focus is: comfort, functionality, and durability for climbing. This makes TRAGUR different. The fabric and design are based on the needs of climbing, and no other sport.

We climb, and we know what features can help a climber. We know the discomfort of a harness rubbing your hip bones, or that awkward feeling when you complete the send, but are pretty sure you just showed half the gym your butt crack to get there. We’ve experienced the frustration of cargo pockets that are inaccessible, because they are covered by the leg loops of a harness. We’ve been annoyed while bouldering because the crotch of our pants pulls too tight to get that high foot required to make the crux.

Locking off on a crimp is hard enough. Having to lift your pant legs between moves is unacceptable. When you wear TRAGUR, the fabric and design will ensure you won’t be fighting your clothes as you make that send.



Fabrics That Perform

Bamboo Viscose: We prefer to use Bamboo Viscose when possible. It’s an excellent fit for climbers because bamboo is ecologically friendly, better at wicking than cotton, and super comfortable. Best of all, it's naturally antimicrobial, and ODOR RESISTANT. This is an important feature to have on a multi-day trip to the crag. 

Bamboo Viscose Benefits: 

· Ultra soft 

· Naturally antimicrobial and therefore odor resistant

· Moisture wicking and out performs cotton

· Hypoallergenic  

· Requires no pesticides or chemical fertilizers to grow

· Releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent area of forest

· Does not require replanting for harvest, preventing topsoil erosion  

Chain Flex Fabric: This is a polyester / spandex blend. It’s tough enough to use outdoors, and the spandex gives it 4-way stretch. This means it’s comfortable. This fabric is an excellent choice for climbing pants. It provides the freedom of motion required, and is tough enough to handle any wall you can project on.

Chain Flex Fabric Benefits: 

· Soft and comfortable

· 4-way stretch

· Abrasion resistant

· Rip resistant

· Excellent durability to weight ratio



Designed To Climb

When you wear TRAGUR, you won’t be fighting your clothes as you make that send. You can see the individual product features by item on the Shop page, but here are some general highlights. 

Shirts and Tanks: 

o  Designed with enough stretch to stay tucked into the harness

o  Odor resistant

o  Moisture wicking 

o  Extra length to cover your crack on the boulder

o  Ladies tanks have a pocket so you can carry a little something extra on the send


o Hip snaps to lift the crotch for bouldering (men’s)

o Two layers of fabric from shin to thigh, increasing durability and comfort during a knee-bar

o Waist line has elastic backing, so your pants move with you - no gap to show your backside

o Fixed belt to fine tune the fit

o Perma Belt to fine tune the fit - off center so it won’t pinch in the harness, includes a Velcro hold back   

o Athletic fit through hips and thighs to prevent bunching under the harness

o Front and top entry cargo pockets located below the harness line but above the knee 

o Gusseted and ventilated crotch to keep you mobile and cool

o Ultra smooth front pocket material for comfort under the harness