Meet the Makers


The Harbison Family Owners of TRAGUR

This is one of our favorite family pictures.  It was taken in Jackson Falls, IL in 2016.  It was such a memorable climbing trip with close friends.  We still talk about the fun we had.  

We love to climb, together.  We are passionate about the sport, and even more so about the people who make up the climbing community.  Our goal is to make clothing that supports that community in achieving their goals.  

-Climb Hard-


Production Team

These ladies are talented! Clothing manufacture is a lifetime career for most of these ladies, and it is not an easy skill to master. They appreciate a dependable job, and fair wage. The income from making Tragur rock climbing clothing supports their family.  

We are eternally grateful to this team of hard-working ladies for their skill and work quality.  


Mr. Tang - Production Supervisor

He and his wife have worked for 5 years with the manufacturing company that makes our climbing clothing. He is excellent at his job and enjoys ensuring the quality of each order.  The Crux Pants are more technical than other clothing.  Production of the Crux Climbing pants is very challenging due to the cinch system, fabric layers, and dual cargo pockets.  He is relentless in meeting the quality requirements for the Tragur Pants. While they may not be the easiest to produce, he is proud when the final product meets our requirements for quality.  Production of rock climbing clothing is no easy task.

In his spare time he loves to play basketball, and spend time with his wife and friends. We are fortunate to have Mr. Tang heading the production team.  


Mrs. Zou - Production Coordinator

Mrs. Zou is fundamental to our success. She communicates the quality and size requirements of the clothing to the pattern makers and manufacture. She also coordinates the production runs and handles all logistics. We speak with Mrs. Zou multiple times a week. She is key to our ability to design and produce the rock climbing clothing climbers like. As our online clothing store grows, so does our dependence on Mrs. Zou.   She is extremely hard working, and a good friend.   We're lucky to have her.  

She and her husband have young son and enjoy time outdoors. Her son is a whiz on a scooter. Now we just need to get him on a wall! 😊