Frequently Asked Questions


How did Tragur start?

     TRAGUR was started in 2016 by the Harbison family. After several years of disappointment in trying to find clothes that we loved to climb in, we decided to create our own.  Initially, it was just for us to use.  We found fabric we liked and a seamstress that would help us.  Then we began designing.  After what seemed like an eternity,  the first pair of pants was born.   We loved them.

We began to show other climbers the design and were surprised at how many other people liked them.   We started getting a few requests to make others.  Soon we were improving the design, sourcing a manufacture, and buying larger quantities.  From this point, TRAGUR was born.   We feel unbelievably fortunate to have received so much support from the climbing community.  

We love the climbing community.   Starting TRAGUR has been a great adventure.  It's fun because we love to be with the climbing community, and this is a great way to share our passion for the sport, climbing clothes, and the people who make it so fun.   

-Climb Hard-


What am I supporting when I buy Tragur?

     TRAGUR cares about the environment, and the people who make our climbing clothes. We focus on using eco-friendly fabrics that are sourced and produced responsibly.  While many of the products are manufactured outside the USA, we only work with manufacturers that meet our stringent standards for production. These standards apply to both the quality of the product, and the treatment of those who make it. Skilled workers deserve fair pay and good working conditions. We ensure this by maintaining a close relationship with our production facilities. We know our production representatives well. We speak with them almost daily. We care about their families and their children. From the farm harvesting bamboo to the check-out clerk, TRAGUR is a family. Each person is important, and each is a part of our family. 


What does the word Tragur mean?

Long story short:  nothing.

We started looking at acronyms, and TRAG, Tough Rock Athletic Gear, seemed a great fit. After hours of debate, we agreed that everyone would think we were mispronouncing “Trad”.  So we scrapped it. 

Flash forward several months, and the idea:  TRAGUR - "Tough Rock Athletic Gear U Require", was proposed.  We liked the acronym, but now we have a name that is 6 words long. That’s insane. So, we scrapped the meaning and kept the word, TRAGUR.  

We really wish the meaning involved a wall on another continent, and an ancient climbing technique.  But it doesn't.  It involves a group of Mid-West Climbers with writer's block struggling to name their climbing clothes.

On a positive note; Häagen-Dazs ice-cream made up their name, and that seemed to work out okay for them.